Take a nap.

Hey you...

This page is for those of us who are the most comfortable when we're lying
under the covers, our eyes shut, listening dreamily to quiet stories of
relationships gone wrong, friendships broken and the tiny intimacies of life
that can make the most trivial situations seem like the only thing in the

We were thinking, and we got this idea that we could create a site devoted to
the very artists we fall asleep to every night. Then we started thinking some
more... and we thought that maybe you could help by passing the names of anyone
you think would fit nicely in our little wittle sleepy database. um... at the
very least, maybe we'll help you sleep a little easier...

so come inside,

take a nap.

Added: Tomo Nakayama (upcoming artist)

Oh yeah, We've had visitors
since september 1999.